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Innovation is a common thread running through JUNG's 100-year history. The company revolutionised the world of switches and a new norm was born from innovation. Many of JUNG's products are popular classics, which have set standards. The path to business success was marked from the very beginning by notable developments. JUNG allowed itself to be guided by the needs of the market and specialised in the production of switches and socket outlets. Quality played a key role from the start. Over time, design also became increasingly relevant. In this way, JUNG gradually set new standards in modern switch design over and over again. Today, the company is a premium provider of innovative solutions for classic electronic installation through to intelligent building technology. Solutions from JUNG skilfully bridge the gap between future-proof building technology and aesthetic 'Made in Germany' design. The formula for success that has been used for more than one hundred years is still working. JUNG goes hand in hand with the needs of the customer and the market. To achieve this, the company undertakes continuous market research and a thorough analysis of requirements. With one clear goal: to achieve the best possible user benefits and to open up innovative areas of application.

To be continued…

… because the success story is ongoing. JUNG is still one of Germany's leading companies in its sector, as indicated by many national and international awards and its success in the market. JUNG has proved that it can assert itself against the competition and has the capacity to change along with the times.

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